About Us

Who We Are

Rocklyte Systems is a software research and development firm based in the United Kingdom, particularly specialising in operating system related R&D. We provide a number of business services, including the sale of licenses to our products, the development of prototype software and new applications targeted at consumers.

We enjoy developing cutting edge technology. Our development history includes the release of the first XML based desktop system in 2000 and we were the first company to release a Linux based OS with a graphics system that substantially out-performed the widespread X11 standard. Currently we are developing RIPPLE, a modular page layout engine that we think will be a strong alternative to HTML in the embedded space. Other exciting technical achievements can be found throughout the rest of our web site - check it out!

What Can We Do For You?

Are you a business in need of professional software development services? The services that we provide can range from standard software development in C/C++ and Java, to commercial greenfield developments that go from concept to completion. We are based in the UK, but international work can be accommodated if you are happy to coordinate via phone and online channels. The following check-list identifies areas where we typically would be able to help:

  • Rapid prototype development for new and untested software concepts. Need a UI prototype that you can interact with for no more cost than a static version? We can build it.
  • Multi-platform software development services (Android, Linux and Windows) using our tool chain.
  • General software development and consulting. Need an experienced C/C++ or Java engineer to assist in your latest project? We may be able to help.
  • We can frequently help in niche development areas such as embedded programming, smart cards, programming peripherals, customised Linux builds etc. There's only one exception - we don't write hardware device drivers.

Development costs can be allocated on an hourly, daily or fixed term basis as you prefer. Please enquire via the contact form with details of your project if you would like a quote.

Skills & Focus

Linux / Windows / Android 90%

Software Research 100%

Prototyping & UI / UX 100%

C/C++ Software Development 100%

Hardware 80%